QDB's Business Incubation and Acceleration Demo Day brings you the opportunity to meet the most innovative startups in Qatar, showcasing their business models and ventures across various tech sectors.
Discover future investment opportunities and learn about these rising startups and their investment prospects, as well as networking with the founders and discussing their prospects.
Demo Day brings together the most leading figures in Qatar’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, alongside seasoned investors and venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and innovators, aiming to develop a thriving ecosystem based on collaboration between entrepreneurs and investors, fostering investment opportunities in these rising ventures.

Meet the Startups


SkyStruct is a cloud-based construction project management SAAS solution, optimizing projects by addressing delays, cost overruns, and mismanagement, ultimately saving time and reducing costs through real-time collaboration and accurate data.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 1,175,000

Funding Sought (USD): 400,000

Founders: Abdulaziz AlSubaiey Irshad Jaleel Vishal Nalawade

Website: skystruct.com

My Pet World

My Pet World is a one stop shop for pet owners to make purchases, socialize and manage their pet data easily.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 30,000

Funding Sought (USD): 170,000

Founders: Joseph Jeffin

Website: www.mypetworld.app


Appomatory is a no-code mobile app development platform that enables anyone with limited technical skills to create mobile applications and easily digitalize their business.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 68,000

Funding Sought (USD): 137,000

Founders: Saif Al Hail

Website: appomatory.com


Tiactro is a marketplace for cultural and artistic exchange where performing artists can sell their content to other participants

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 57,000

Funding Sought (USD): 137,000

Founders: Gente Retkoceri Rrahmani

Website: www.tiactro.com


Foodster is the marketplace that brings restaurants and foodies together, fostering great dining experiences. Restaurants gain loyal customers and increased visibility, while diners enjoy a hassle-free way to explore culinary delights. 

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 47,000

Funding Sought (USD): 356,000

Founders: Mashari Hamad Al-Samra Al Marri

Website: www.foodster.qa/en_us/


eArabic is an online learning platform that offers 1-to-1 Arabic lessons for students between 6 and 16 years. The platform incentivizes teachers to develop content to reach potential students, creating a win-win situation for both.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 171,000.00

Funding Sought (USD): 300,000.00

Founders: Ibrahim Korayem

Website: www.earabic.io

Cleveric Solutions

Cleveric is a SAAS solution, helping F&B outlets optimize their operations by streamlining ordering, inventory management and automating compliance.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 536,000

Funding Sought (USD): 2,000,000

Founders: Najmuddeen Keelath Moolayil Puthiyapurayil

Website: www.clevericsolutions.com


eHaris is a Digital ID solution for the physical world, serving as a one-stop solution to access any check-in points including events, gated communities, coworking spaces and office buildings

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 60,000

Funding Sought (USD): 150,000

Founders: Binod Chandran, Dijin Kumar, Fijo George, Nishi Kurup

Website: www.eHaris.com

Pronto LLC

Pronto is a collaborative marketplace that helps fashion enthusiasts connect with local and regional talents through its one-stop digital platform

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 10,000

Funding Sought (USD): 200,000

Founders: Mohamed Amara, Kevin Isufaj, Johanne Gren Medina, Kenana Dalle

Website: apps.apple.com/us/app/pronto-fashion-movement/id6444348865


Indelg promotes sustainability and empowers women by introducing a new way to experience fashion by allowing people to list and borrow clothing items for a specific duration.

Funding Raised To Date (USD): 13,700

Funding Sought (USD): 125,000

Founders: Dana El Ghazal

Website: www.indelg.com


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